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All About Master Key Systems And Who Can Benefit From Them

When it comes to your commercial security requirements, keys are always the core of the matter. There are a number of different aspects you need to keep in view and ask questions such as- how many keys do we need? How are we going to distribute and manage these keys? Should all staff members be allowed access to all areas of the building? What are the different security risks on my property?

These are the different questions that most business owners, property managers, body corporate as well as landlords, warehouse owners etc. ask when they are assessing their security and key requirements. Today, most commercial property owners that have to manage large areas, prefer to get master key systems installed.

Master Key System- What Is It?

A master key system is made up of a set of keys that are in a specific hierarchy. It will have a number of locks or cylinders which allow the division of key-holders and effective groups to gain access to specific or all areas of a building/s. In simple words, a lock that is part of a master key system is designed to be opened by specific keys allocated to specific individuals. However, it can also be opened using a master key.

How You Benefit From Using A Master Key System

There are a number of benefits to using a master key system such as:

  • The primary benefit is that the complete access can be controlled in a very effective manner. It allows the right people easy access to specific areas of the building.
  • A master key system is also referred to as a restricted system. It uses security key blanks. These are specially designed keys that can only be copied or obtained from the locksmith company that designed the system. This means, unless the building’s owner or the nominee authorises the key duplication, no one can actually get a copy of the key.
  • The locks are far more secure as only specific people will be given access to different areas in the building. This significantly reduces the chances of someone opening the door with the wrong key.
  • All restricted security key blanks have patent protection- this means the design is registered and the manufacturers cannot produce any copies of that specific design.
  • Different staff members can have access to a larger number of doors using very few keys.
  • This kind of system is also extremely dynamic and can be changed and altered as the needs of your business grow or change.
  • Accurate records of all the keys and the people that have them, can be easily maintained. This eliminates the possibility of anyone making duplicate keys, without appropriate authorisation.

When you are getting a master key system design, it is important to plan it with the future in view. Consider how many different types of keys you would need at the present time and then add about 50% for the future. Add various people in groups as this would indicate the number of different types of keys you would require.

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