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Loose Door Locks, Doorknobs, and Door Handles

There are several different components that perform any given lock body together. Each of these parties is essential to ensure that the lock runs smoothly. If one or more of these parts start to fall apart, the lock wouldn’t work the right way.

If you are wondering how lock parts can become loose and fall apart, the answer is simple and straightforward. Most of the door lock parts will loosen up over time and after extended periods of use. This is especially true for locks used on exterior doors that serve as the primary entry and exit points.

Loose door locks probably do not sound like the most frightening thing. Yet, looks can be deceiving. There are many landlords and property owners who have had the same thought crossed their minds. Thus, until they are faced with a house lockout or an office lockout because they cannot open the door with a loose lock. I know it isn’t as bad as being the victim of a home break-in, but still.

The majority of burglaries are forced entry, and if your door locks are loose, it becomes much easier for burglars to exploit your door lock. Moreover, your loose door lock can likely be a fire hazard when it’s being used as a fire door lock. Some of fire door locks use active latch bolts that can help keep fires contained. The fire can spread much faster if your fire door locks are loose and worn out.

You can easily spot door lock problems from loose door locks when you’re using it. Both interior and exterior parts of the lock will be disturbed because of the loose door lock problems. It is often because of the parts that lock together are coming undone over time or they have been worn down and broken.

If this is not controlled, it will be so easy for somebody to dislodge the lock and get access to your house. Another typical reason for loose locks is the internal parts are not connecting as they should, so it translates into a loose door lock, door handle, or doorknob loose. Some parts that are still questionable are the set screw, the fastener, and the spindle connecting the two halves of the doorknob, door lock or the door handle.

How to Fix this Door Lock Problems?

  • If you feel like the connecting screws in your door lock are loose, it simply means you need to tighten them up with the appropriate screwdriver. If you don’t have one, you can run to your closest hardware store and pick one up.
  • If the connecting screws and parts for your door lock felt like it’s broken or worn down and it needs to be replaced and re-installed, then you will need to remove the lock from its corresponding door and identify which parts need to be replaced. Once you got the necessary part, you can start fastening your door lock to the door.
  • If both solutions above were unsuccessful, then your door lock problems are a result of something going wrong with the internal mechanics of your lock. If that is it, you can try to disassemble your lock and investigate further or, easier way, contact a locksmith nearby that offers many kinds of lock repair services.

Fixing these problems can be easy and straightforward if you know how to do it and what you are looking for. Yet, if you find that these solutions were taking too much of your time you can always contact All Time Canterbury-Bankstown Locksmiths for professional help. The best part is we are available 24 hours.