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Tips To Keep Your Home Safe With Locks

Even if you live in a relatively safe neighbourhood, it is important that you be very careful when it comes to installing security systems on your property. If your home or commercial property has very poor security features, it would be more attractive to burglars and thieves.

Useful Tips

While it’s a good idea to install CCTV camera systems on your property and get alarm systems fitted, it also important to have the right kind of lock systems. Here we take a look at some tips that help you keep your home safe with locks:

  • Secure Your Front Door- Before leaving home, check all the doors including the front door. Even if you are right there in the backyard, enjoying some leisurely moments on a weekend, ensure that the front door is locked. It isn’t difficult for thieves to sneak into your home and walk away with some valuable items. Consider installing a strong mortice lock on the front door as it provides good security.
  • Two-Cylinder Door Locks- Get good quality two-cylinder locks installed on all the external doors of your home. When you invest in knob locksets that have a dead-latch system, it helps prevent burglars from using a credit card to force them open.
  • Secure All Sliding Doors– Most homes today have large sliding doors that lead onto patios, decks and other outdoor spaces of their homes. These become a favourite entry point for thieves and burglars. It’s important that you get key-operated locks or patio bolts installed on these doors. You can also use wooden dowels or metal ones in the tracks at the ends of the sliding doors; this helps prevent them from being forcibly opened.
  • Window locks- It’s equally important to secure all the windows in your home, and the ground floor windows are particularly more at risk of being broken into. Get good quality security screens installed and you can consider burglar bar installations on all the accessible windows. You also have the option to get two-cylinder system locks installed.
  • Secure The Back And Side Gates To Your Property– Just as you lock the front door of your home, it’s also important that you lock the back and side entrances without fail. Since these entrances are typically out of sight, they become an easy entry point for perpetrators. Installing strong padlocks on all these gates is a good way to improve the security levels of your property.
  • Secure Garden Sheds And Other Outdoor Structures- Most homeowners keep a lot of gardening tools and equipment in their backyard sheds while others store these in their garages. If thieves get access to these spaces, they would be able to use some of these tools to gain access to your home. This makes it very important to ensure that you lock your shed and garage door very securely. Many garages have internal doors that can provide easy access to the indoor spaces of the home and these internal doors need to be secured well too.

Since there are so many different types of lock systems available on the market, it is a good idea to discuss your requirements with your local locksmith. They would be able to provide you all the information you need to help you make the right choice. For information about our master key system services, call Bankstown Locksmiths today or send us a message via this Online Form.

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